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Because most of the time, horse racing is like really bad sex----lots of buildup, over way too soon. But today's Kentucky Derby? FANTASTIC. Watching that cheap ($9500) little gelding come screaming up the rail from last place to win by nearly 7 lengths was one for the ages. Can't WAIT for the movie;)
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There was much whooping and OMFGing when Lazarus Rising ended, but Youngest Son said it best-----"I'm ready for the next episode RIGHT THE FUCK NOW!!!!!"   It occurs to me that our family nights might be a little strange ;)
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Two things:

If you're in need of a wonderfully funny yet angsty movie, don't miss "Love, Actually". Highly cathartic, and charming as hell. I'll be seeing it again when it opens next week.

Randomly, if you're into this sort of thing, do you have a "soundtrack" for doing the horizontal mambo? Entire cd's or your own mix? Just curious.
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You know, if you enlarge that lovely picture of Lance's Halloween appendage (not that I would EVER do something like that), it looks like it's been bitten, not cut. And I'm still wondering how he's going to explain that picture to his mom ;-) Oh well, you gotta give the publicists something to do occasionally. It'll be my new wallpaper for a while, if only because it makes me go "EWWWWWWWW".
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In 2004, I'll be turning 50. I've always sworn I'd never have a mid-life crisis, but I can see one coming full speed ahead. I've always been a fringe person, never fitting neatly into any of the handy categories our society uses to make sure everyone's pigeonholed properly. That's nearly always (okay, probably NOT okay at 13 or 14) been fine with me. So why am I starting to feel so self-conscious about who I am and what I enjoy?

I have friends who smile indulgently at me because I happen to love the same music their teenagers do. I'm sure they think it's part of some effort to be "cool". But I've NEVER liked listening to oldies----for me, half the joy of music is hearing what's coming next. I love concerts, but more and more I feel like I don't belong at the ones I really want to see.

You're not going to see me in a tube top in this lifetime, and I'm perfectly willing to just look-but-not-touch the beautiful young men I see. But I can still spend half a day in line for tickets, love a good road trip, and would much rather spend hours debating issues with my sons' friends than spending time with people who expect me to conform to whatever role a "mature" person is supposed to play. I remain a confirmed rollercoaster freak.

The new label floating around----"rejuvenile"----is being used to describe mature, responsible people whose tastes in music, movies, or recreation are more "appropriate" for much younger people. It's a label I find condescending as hell. How am I supposed to change my tastes? I like what I like. I can't see that ever changing. So how do I get past feeling like a freak not only among people my own age, but also with the people whose tastes I share?

When I was 17, my best friend was a 70 year old retired English teacher. She had a huge Victorian house, and rented out her upstairs to several guys from a college rock band. They loved her, she loved them AND their music. There was no stink of "oh, isn't she a cute little old lady" in the relationship---she was a vital, interesting human who remained a part of the changing world around her. I wanted to be just like her when I grew up.

In some ways, I think I've accomplished that. Teaching teens for the last 15 years has probably helped, and I've loved my relationships with those students as they grow into terrific adults. But I see now what I missed when I spent so many afternoons drinking coffee in Mrs. Penland's kitchen---if she had any close relationships with other people her own age, she never mentioned them. She probably found them boring as hell ;-) And I wonder now if she felt as out of place as I sometimes do.

I'm rambling. Time to quit. But I really haven't found an answer to my dilemma----I don't want to change who I am, but I don't want to look like a freak to everyone around me. If there are any suggestions floating around out there, feel free to send them my way ;-)


Oct. 21st, 2003 04:43 pm
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Dacey's already posted about much of our afternoon/evening at Justin's Memphis show. I'll just say this----having NBC tape this show was a nightmare, and the show was absolutely worth everything we endured. Truly, a once in a lifetime treat. My ass is on the frontpage of Monday's Commercial Appeal. NBC cameras have likely captured me flinching in agony as the brain-piercing screamer next to me just let 'er rip. (For the record, even with great earplugs, my ears are still ringing.) I hope to God that's the worst thing they managed to film ;-)

On the long drive home, it occurred to me that we've now heard at least 3 or 4 different versions of CMAR, and with the club shows, there are new arrangements of several other songs off Justified. I'd love it if Jive released the album again---but this time, with the new arrangements. I tend to listen to whole albums, and absorb the rhythm and flow of the song list---it would be a kick to hear the same songs, same order, but different versions. The contrast would be fascinating, sort of a "Refried Justified", I guess. Just a thought. And is the boy EVER going to sing another ballad? I love funkyJustin, but I'm starting to crave sweetJustin just a little bit.
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Did anyone else catch the Today Show this morning? Katie interviewed the head of the ACLU and Reagan's Attorney General, Ed Meese. The topic was the Patriot Act, it's potential threats to our privacy, etc. Ms. ACLU was factual, articulate, totally civil. She mentioned the fact that even the American Library Association is protesting the fact that they could require libraries to turn over patrons' reading lists (and are specifically barred from telling patrons that they've been asked to do so). Meese's response? THAT THE ALA WAS MORE INTERESTED IN MAKING SURE CHILDREN COULD GET PORN. Way classy, Ed. 'Cause we all know just what perverts librarians are. He also kept saying that the Patriot Act powers HAVEN'T been abused. What he couldn't say---and no one else can say---is that they WON'T be. I don't trust ANY administration that would hire Karl Rove. His dirty tricks are what effectively killed McCain's candidacy in 2000, and none of us should forgive him for that. McCain may have been more conservative than I'd have liked, but I've never doubted his integrity or his ability to work with others who don't share his ideologies.
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I'm getting used to the fact that my favorite 5 year old looks and acts like he could be Justin's love child. He's funny, and shy, and dances and sings constantly. Curly blond hair and blue eyes. Too cute for words.

Today, I met a guy who could be a young JC----same build and size, incredible cheekbones and square chin, blue eyes and looooong eyelashes. SO much like JC just before he grew into his features, and this guy looked like he'd be equally beautiful by the time he finished maturing. Apparently, my mojo was working---in the few seconds before he handed me his ID (I work part time in a baby furniture store), I thought how strange it would be if he had the same birthday as JC. Then I looked down at his license and saw the date. August 8th. That's just too weird for me to even process.

No Ellen ?

Sep. 7th, 2003 06:44 pm
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I hate to be updating just to beg, but I'm desperate (and live THAT exciting a life). I've searched the listings 'til I'm blind, but it appears that no channel on DishNetwork (all 150 channels) or locally is going to carry the Ellen DeGeneres Show. And Justin's on for an hour on Tuesday. Am I too old to cry? If there's anybody out there who's willing to tape it, I'd gladly pay for tape and postage. I hate living in the Bible Belt---the local station that was supposed to carry the show apparently caved to the fools who think sexual orientation is contagious. Wish they'd leave the rest of us alone.
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Thanks to the lovely mickeym, Expert Icon Maker, I'm no longer faceless. I feel like such a grownup! (Sure, like that'll ever happen....) At the rate I'm learning to use LJ, I'll probably learn to actually make an icon somewhere around '09. Fairly pointless update, but I did want to thank my girl in KY for all her tutoring ;-)
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Quick, you guys are missing "Big Joe's Polka Show" on RFDTV! It looks like local cable access at its very worst. Dear God, what's next. Seriously, is this a slow night on the tube or what?

We've had a very weird evening with my dad and stepmother. She's a wonderful human who just happens to also be a church-going rabid Republican who believes anything the Bush says. Imagine my surprise when she starts talking about some gay couple who are friends of hers and have been together 20 years. Her exact words: "They can't help the way they are!" Wonder if we could get someone to codify that?
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Back from a quick trip to Atlanta for the Justina concert. Biggest surprise? How incredible Christina's show was. Like so many others, we were really there to see Justin, and in the process, became HUGE Christina fans. Loved her energy, her honesty, her new arrangements of old songs, and her male dancers. I'm sorry there were so many glitches in the Memphis show----this one went off without a hitch, and the half-naked pole dance was just GORGEOUS. (Trust me---I'm a real afficianado of poledancing---the nakeder the better.) Her show was insanely sexy, and the men in our party loved it as much as the ladies.

Justin was as wonderful as we expected, clearly enjoying himself. His dancing was spectacular. But the boy needs to fire his sound man. At the risk of sounding like a geezer, the bass was so loud that at times it was impossible to hear him, and we never once heard the horn section. I make it a point to wear really good, professional quality sonic tubes----it wasn't just me. We overheard several girls making cellphone reports after the concert saying the same thing. He's such a perfectionist that I can't imagine he'd be satisfied with what we heard. Now that most performers use the in-the-ear monitors, do they ever actually hear what they sound like to the audience? If they're leaving it up to the sound guys, I've got news for them: they're all DEAF. Binoculars? Oh, yeah, I'd highly recommend them. Lovely boy up close. It did make the whole crane thing look REALLY scary, though.

Overall? Amazing evening. We'd all do it again in a heartbeat. But we did agree that next time, we'd love to see Justin get as dirty as Christina, and I mean that in the nicest possible way ;-)

Is it too much to hope for a DVD of this tour?
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Is it a real vacation if I have no internet access for a week? If you guys hear screams coming from the Gulf coast, it's no shark, it's just me without my daily cyberfix. Perhaps the margueritas will compensate. Here's the best marguerita recipe I've ever tasted, and it's guaranteed to kick your ass:

1 12oz can limeade
1 12oz can of tequila
1 12oz beer

Blend, and serve on the rocks or add ice to the blender to make it frozen-style. Don't let the beer and the lack of Triple Sec throw you off----this stuff is delicious.

Hey Kim, if anything good happens this week, be sure to flag it for me? It may be 2 weeks before I catch up on my friends list ;-) Be back on July 6th---y'all hold down the fort, ya hear?


Jun. 21st, 2003 09:13 pm
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Some researchers are finally discovering what we slashers have known for years: women can apparently get off on almost ANY kind of sex ;-)
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Thank God MTV runs everything ad nauseum. Do NOT miss JC on MovieHouse. Tape it, rewind back to the part where he picks up flowers and treat yourself to a lovely view of honest-to-goodness naked asscrack. Sweet. And he's funny as hell. I just don't buy the whole JC as space cadet thing----the boy knows EXACTLY what he's saying.


Jun. 18th, 2003 05:57 pm
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I've always figured that if I'm going to be stuck driving The Mommy Van of Lost Slashers----instead of say, a sleek red Porsche----I could at least plaster the back bumper with snotty stickers. Like, "Mean people breed little mean people", and "Speak your mind even if your voice shakes". My favorite by far is "God was my copilot, but we crashed into a mountain and I had to eat Him." I live in the Bible Belt, Republican and mostly fundamentalist, and that sticker's gotten me more than a few weird looks. (The car hasn't been keyed yet, thankfully.)

So I'm strolling through Sam's Club with the kid when a woman and her six kids approached me, asking if I was the lady with the "God was my copilot" sticker. Do I admit to it? I must have had that please-don't-kill-me look on my face, and she started to laugh. Turns out they thought it was great, and just wanted to meet somebody brave enough to slap it on her car. Her kids LOVED it. She's home-schooling her kids (NOT for religious reasons) and is fairly appalled by the lack of any kind of liberal community here. I think those are six very lucky kids. She shook my hand. I'm in shock, but really happy that I'm not alone out here. Who knew?
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